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Kementerian Perdagangan RI

SMF Glowing Adventure 2018

Daan Mogot City

Rumah 123

Gatsby Pomadic Party

Gatsby Pomadic Party Roadshow 6 cities: Bandung-Jogjakarta-Surabaya-Palembang-Medan-Jakarta, medio Januari until March 2018.

Shell Conference 2018

MAC Art of Lip

This event was held on 25 & 26 January 2018, in MAC Store Beach Walk, Bali. Find colourful new ways to get lippy with the magic touch..

Heineken Green Room

This event was held on two Saturdays night, 30 September and 3 October 2015, in MIRROR Club & Lounge Bali and Velvet Hypnotized Bali. Concept of this event is to create green atmosphere, represent color of Heineken brand. Objective of this event is to increase awareness of Heineken brand

Indosat Kedai Ketupat Lebaran

Indosat as a big brand of telecommunication provider in Indonesia was held a brand activation event during Eid Mubarak 2015. What we do in this event is decide spot of every booth and did production for the booth and other equipments needed.

SHARP Dealer Convention

SHARP Dealer Convention was attended over than 1000 people. This is one of the largest annual event of SHARP. We handle the wooden production such as backdrop, entrance gate.

Shell Helix #CLEANnPROUD

An brand activation of Shell Helix held in Hu’u bar Seminyak Bali. Target of this event is young people in Bali. We would like to invite theme join our #CLEANnPROUD community by using Shell Helix product which has been tested as an environmental friendly product.

Teh Kotak Booth

Teh Kotak was participate at Ubud Food Festival in Bali. They want their booth to have natural looking so we help to design the booth using dry straw and other natural material. We also provide manpower for the booth.